LV Coil Winding Machine

Samadhan Machine Tools constantly developing new models and designs for better performance for Coil winding machines. Machines for all the required Capacities and Winding lengths are manufactured  on purchase order. Many companies in Maharashtra and other states are heading towards SMT's best and reliable designs. 

Machine models are on basis of:                                                                                                            
- Capacity up to 1 MVA
- Max winding length: 700 mm
- Coil Wt. carrying capacity: 200 Kg
- Coil Diameter: 300 mm
- Bobbin mounting Capacity: 4 Bobbins

We make these machines Jerk free and so the shocks are eliminated with advantage of variable speeds. Because by only utilizing Gear Box you get one set speed But with our design Coil winding machine can be driven on many speed as per requirement. 

Massive and Rugged Powerful structure.
Best power to torque ratio possible.
Variable speeds. (With VFD)
Jerk & shock free. (Step Pully- GearBox- VFD Combination)
Good looking and working models for manual use